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Towards Independence in Adelaide

We find many people experiencing homelessness also struggle with substance abuse and problems associated with mental illness. Towards Independence in Adelaide reaches out to the homeless and is equipped to help them tackle substance issues and maintain housing. 

There are two stages to the program at Towards Independence — ‘West’ and ‘East’. ‘West’ provides 30% of alcohol and other drugs rehabilitation beds for South Australia. About 80% of clients undertaking the program successfully complete it and go on to access other supported accommodation services. ‘East’ sleeps over 70 people each night and supports 100 people each day in a variety of Salvation Army owned properties alongside intensive counselling, outreach and after hours emergency support. 

Lawrence is a client at Towards Independence and says he owes his life to the Salvos. He’s currently on the road to independent living after a long history of homelessness, alcohol abuse and depression. “I was homeless before I came here. Being on the streets and in boarding houses was tough. But when I went to the Salvos the tough work really started,” says Lawrence. 

“Some things happen in life for a reason and hard things are a time for growing and learning.”

Towards Independence in Adelaide