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If the Salvos hadn't got involved...

I left home when I was 12. Fifth of May 2010. 


Mum was pretty much what you’d call a drug addict I suppose. She was drinking, smoking, not feeding us, not sending us to school, and getting drunk every night. She was hurting me, doing very horrible things. I got the worst of it because I was the youngest. 

When I left home I went to live with my aunty and uncle a bit.


Then I lived with one of my old teachers. Then I went to a foster family for a few years. They tried to find a more permanent family for me but I left there and went to live with a friend and her mum. I was always moving around. 

When I first officially left home I had no idea where I was going to go. I had no idea. It was really scary. I didn’t think about anything but where I was going to sleep, what would I sleep on. It’s not a good feeling. 

In 2011 I first came to the Salvos. I was such a rebel kid back then though. Always acting up. Always getting in trouble at school. 

I would still have nightmares too. So the Salvos created a book for me. They’d get me to write in the book about what happened in my dreams and nightmares and then the next morning I’d show them and we’d sit down and discuss it. They would sit with me and ask how they could support me.

They were just there when no one else was. I liked it here. It was safe, like a family. I’d never had a proper family before. The workers understood me and were so supportive.

I left the Salvos but came back a few years later. I graduated Year 12 last year. I’m not really sure how. The Salvos supported me 100%.

Jordan studying

Now I have my own little unit here at the youth refuge. Some nights I’ll be by myself learning to be independent. Then some nights I hang out with other people staying in the crisis units. Every second Tuesday is takeaway night so that’s fun and we all get together.

I see a psychologist here as well. It’s good to be able to talk to her about stuff whenever I need to. 

I’m doing my Certificate 4 in Community Services at the moment. I finish the course this year and down the track I’ll look at getting my own private rental, with support from my case manager Charlie.

I work casually at Kmart too. And I’ve just started doing some volunteer work. Last year I also got accepted into a local youth committee that organises events for young people in my area. That’s every Wednesday. 

If anyone asked me ‘who’s helped you get to where you are today? ’ — it’d be the Salvos. Look where I am now, look where I’ve come from, look what I’m going to do in the future. It’s all because the Salvos have had my back.

I’m the only one in the family who’s been all the way through school. I’m the only one that’s done a TAFE course. The only one that’s got a job.

If the Salvos hadn’t got involved when they did, it would’ve been a totally different story. They see potential in every single kid. It’s amazing how committed they are.

I would say to other young people don’t give up. There is help. You aren’t alone. Thank you!