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Winter 2015


My hope is that as you read through this edition of On the Street, the impact of your generous support becomes apparent.

Without you, it’s safe to say that much of what we do wouldnot be possible.

Each day thousands of our people are on the front line inhundreds of locations across Australia. We’re in the big citiesand the little country towns, interacting with people in needof a helping hand or longer-term assistance.

Paul Hateley

And in our country, there are many people living each day on a knife-edge.

Recently we interviewed 2,406 of these people in ouremergency relief centres. We found the average person coming to our centres pays almost 60% of their income (which for some is just a Centrelink payment) towards the cost of their accommodation. When translated into actual dollars that leavesthem less than $18 a day to meet all other costs.

When your budget is $18 a day there’s no room for surprise expenses. An unexpected bill, an unforeseen health cost, an accident or even just a slight increase in the monthly rent can leave people in need of our help. For some this means an on going struggle to remain housed, with homelessness one of the most critical social issues in Australia at the moment. Each night 105,000 Australians are homeless, and you might be surprised to learn that just over 26,000 of them are aged between 12 and 24.

These statistics might seem overwhelming, but with your help we can make a difference in people’s lives and have an impacton social issues like ending homelessness.

Here you’ll read some stories about our programs and the impact they have had on real people — maybe someone in yourown neighbourhood. You’ll see that with your help we’re able to provide a range of different supports for people to meet them where they’re at. For some that’s a warm home-cooked meal once a week, and for others it’s assistance to get into stable housing.

From the bottom of our heart we thank you for caring. Your support is life-changing.

May God bless you,

Major Paul Hateley
Territorial Public Relations Secretary

PS: Becoming a Salvos Crisis Partner is the most effective wayto support vulnerable people all year round. Please completethe attached form and send to us for more information aboutbecoming a Salvos Crisis Partner.