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Sunrise Centre Homeless Men's Program

Sunrise Centre Honeless Men's Program, NT“I finished work at the end of December last year. But I had a carbuncle on my shoulder. I woundup in hospital. That stopped me from working,” says Jamie.

“When I came out I wound up on the streets."

"When you’re desperate you do things. I’d find empty houses and just get into them and bunk there.”

“The community nurse signed me up into the Sunrise Centre. She knew I was in trouble.

Located in Darwin, The Salvation Army’s Sunrise Centre provides a homeless person’s accommodation.

“The staff here are excellent. They helped me work through housing applications, get a bond together and get on housing waiting lists,” says Jamie.

“I’m hoping to be able to move on pretty soon and then it’ll be up to me to run my own race.” he says. “The Salvation Army here are amazing. I’ve got the chance to rebuild.”

Would you like to help people like Jamie?