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Home Sweet Home

For women like Sandra the support you give through The Salvation Army means new beginnings.

“I used to speak to my husband via email. That’s how bad it was.

We were in the same house but he wouldn’t talk tome. His alcoholism was so bad. But I knew once he sobered up at least he’d read his emails. He’d be drunk from Thursday to Sunday. And this went on for 2½ years.

The abuse I went through. Being hit and talked to like an animal. He’d scream, “You’re nothing! You’re never going to be anything!”

I have a 9 year old son I’m trying to raise and I didn’t want him to experience this.

I had tried to leave a few times before but this time in September, I left. I’d had enough.

Home Sweet Home - Sandra's Story

When I left home my mind was so cluttered – why did this happen to me? What role did I play in this? The questions were endless. What about my child? Now what do we do?

That’s when we came to the Salvos.

And what a difference they made to my life and my son’s life.

Louise, my Salvo carer, was excellent in helping me work through strategies of how to moveforward. The fog slowly began to dissipate.

My son was having nightmares. Salvo Care provided resources for him ... helped find a school … got him on a Salvos Camp … interacting with other children … some swimming lessons … even music therapy.

I still have questions. I’m still so tired. But I’ve started putting resumes together and am looking for work.

They helped us find a place to live. They provided me with dishes, furniture, beds, bikes, linen, even the TV cabinet. And at Christmas, they helped again. We’d moved in just before the big day and, thanks to the Salvos, we had things to celebrate Christmas with.

The Salvos have been just wonderful. They’ve helped us so much.

I feel safe here. I feel settled. I’m in a healing place now.

I hope one day I can give back. I really do. I want to.”

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