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Doorways to Parenting

Doorways to Parenting, TASLydia, a single mother of five children, had experienced a multitude of violent relationships, which had taken its toll on her mental health. Lydia found she was unable to look after her children adequately and her two youngest were eventually removed from her care. Lydia was given one contact visit per month.

Desperate to get her children back, Lydia approached The Salvation Army Tasmania’s Doorways to Parenting program. There she learnt strategies to cope with her mental health and discovered skills to establish a new life for her family. Soon Lydia was able to see her children once a fortnight, and was eventually reunited with them.

Lydia says she’s eternally grateful for the support the Doorways to Parenting program gave to her family.

“I’m hoping to volunteer with the program once things have settled at home, to support parents striving to be reunited with their families,” she says.



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