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Deck The Halls

It was a little over four years ago when Jamie’s mother walked out on him and his dad so she could stay on drugs. Jamie was only 3 months old at the time. That left Greg, Jamie’s dad, with little option. His work as a boilermaker meant very early shifts sometimes finishing quite late at night. Greg quit his job so he could care fulltime for his baby son.

There was nobody to help share the load. Greg’s relatives lived in another state. And life as a single fulltime parent of a small child was intense. There was little respite. Greg says, “Jamie hasn’t been separated from me - not for an hour.”

Deck The Halls - Greg's Story

Greg was feeling very isolated and he wanted to retrain for more suitable work once Jamie went to school. Finances were always very tight but then all the bills arrived right on Christmas.

“It gets pretty hard at Christmas but, thanks to the Salvos, Jamie and I could eat better. We could do more activities and spend time together. It’s quality of life.” The Salvos Crisis Centre assisted with material aid, financial support and a sense of Christmas belonging.

Greg and Jamie were treated to Christmas Lunch, and Jamie received Christmas presents from the Salvos – a few activity books, card games, and some toy cars.Greg says, “Jamie just loves Christmas morning. He still believes in Santa … though I’m not sure how much longer that’ll last!”

It’s because of compassionate people like you that we can be there at Christmas to provide much needed relief and support. Practical things like food for the hungry, counselling for the hurt and Christmas lunch for people feeling alone, all go a long way to bring joy and hope to those that need it most.

Would you like to help fathers like Greg?