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Muggy's S.A

A significant number of young people who are living in supported accommodation are under the Guardianship of the Minister, meaning they’ve been removed from their families for their own safety.

Many never experience a ‘normal’ home life due to the instability of moving through different foster homes.

Muggy’s is a Salvation Army program in South Australia designed to care for these young people. A residential care home staffed 24 hours a day is one part of the program, providing a safe environment for young people to develop independent living skills and get extra support in times of crisis.

Other young people, whilst supported, live independently in the community through the outreach program. Living skills including cooking, budgeting and job searching are part of the program, and educational support and personal counselling is also provided.

Muggy's SA

The Muggy’s program aims to equip these young people to live successfully in the community as they reach adulthood in their own accommodation without any support.