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Summer 2016

Paul's Message


With Christmas now behind us, it’s likely our minds are set on our plans, goals and aspirations for the year ahead. But let me dwell on Christmas for a minute. In our community support centres across Australia, December is our busiest time — we see three times more people during this month than any other.

Thanks to your kindness in the last year, more than 300,000 people received Salvos assistance over Christmas.


Almost 10,000 meals were shared with people who had nowhere else to go at Christmas and we were able to provide food and hampers so others had something to put on the table for Christmas Day. You’ve achieved amazing things through your support last year. You’ve helped to end homelessness for people (read Jenny’s story), you’ve provided safety and refuge for women and children escaping violence, you’ve enabled parents to put a decent meal on the table for their children, and you’ve provided comfort and a listening ear for someone struggling with loneliness or depression.

The beginning of this new year is exciting for most of us. But for many people it’s stressful. In lots of our centres right now, we’re seeing families who could barely scrape together enough money to survive Christmas, and are now having to fork out significant amounts for new uniforms, shoes and books for their children as they start a new school year.

Thank you for allowing us to continue to assist people in local communities all over Australia all year round. I hope this update gives you a small snapshot of how your support is making a big difference in the lives of real people. We look forward to partnering with you in the year ahead.

May God bless you.

Major Paul Hateley
Territorial Public Relations Secretary

Paul Hateley