Coffee to connect
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Coffee to connect

Coffee 2 Connect is a cafe located at The Salvation Army in Unley. It’s for people who wouldn’t normally go to a café and Salvation Army officer Major Reno Elms says there are many reasons for this.

“If you’re socially isolated, haven’t got many friends, or have low self-esteem, you’re unlikely to get out and about.” 

Guests of the cafe come from all walks of life — from young homeless people to asylum seekers or people with disabilities. Each Monday more than 40 guests come to the cafe for morning coffee and cake, followed by a home-cooked lunch served by volunteers.

The cafe is an opportunity for Salvation Army staff to reach out to the community and help build the social skills of local people. Individuals can access other services on site such as social groups or emergency relief, and are given the opportunity to find spiritual support and participate in church activities. 

Wendy enjoys volunteering at Coffee to Connect

Wendy’s Story

Wendy (pictured) is a volunteer in the kitchen at Coffee 2 Connect. Using food donated by local companies and foodbanks, Wendy plans the weekly menu and cooks for anywhere between 30 and 60 people.

“I absolutely love it. For some people, this is the only proper home-cooked meal they get. For others, this is the only social connection they might have in a week.”