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“Affordable SA” app launched

The Salvation Army and the South Australian Government have teamed up to create the free Affordable SA mobile app to provide a range of information, practical tips and tools to help peoplemanage the ever-increasing cost of living. 

South Australia is recognised as an affordable place to live in comparison to other states, yet there remain many households and individuals facing difficulties.

Research conducted by The Salvation Army found that 62 per cent of homeless people in South Australia own a smartphone. That percentage is even higher for low-income families and individuals. Following this a mobile app was developed to give people access to information in the palm of their hands. 

Affordable SA App

“We want to come alongside South Australians and empower them to take control of their financial decisions and provide greater access to resources and support services,” Sharon Maslen, Manager of The Salvation Army’s financial counselling services in South Australia.

What the app provides

Find information on housing and accommodation, utilities, transport,health, education, finances, food and justice. With the Affordable SA app people can:

  • use the “I need help with…” tool to explore;
  • easily connect with essential services and support, such as community meal locations; and
  • get directions to events (with lots of free transport options explained).

The app provides immediate access to resources and support services for people on the margins ofsociety, and has an average of 350 ‘hits’ each week.

The application is free to download on both iPhone and Android devices by searching for Affordable SA

Watch this video to find out more about the app