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Autumn 2016

A better life is “out of reach” for many

$16.96 a day to live on. Can you imagine that?

We spoke to more than 1600 people visiting our emergency relief centres and today we released the findings in the 2016 National Economic and Social Impact Survey.

We found the average person seeking practical support (like food and basic necessities) in our emergency relief centres lives off $17 a day after paying accommodation expenses. That’s got to cover everything from food, clothing and utilities to transport, medical and school costs – and leaves no safety net for anything unexpected to happen.

The report also revealed more about how harrowing daily life is for people seeking assistance from The Salvation Army including:

  • Women escaping family violence spent nearly three-quarters of their income on housing and accommodation expenses
  • Nearly 1 in 5 people are homeless or living in temporary accommodation (1 in 3 had rented privately)
  • 68% of people living in private rental properties or paying off a mortgage experience extreme housing stress – using two thirds of their income on this.
  • One in two people cut down on basic necessities, accessed emergency relief vouchers or borrowed money from friends/family to make ends meet
  • 43% regularly went without meals
  • 89% did not have $500 in savings for emergencies
  • 20% could not afford medical treatment or medicines that are prescribed for their child and cannot afford a yearly dental check-up for their child
  • Children of respondents were nine times less likely to have access to the internet compared to average Australian children  

These survey findings paint a bleak picture of life for many people in our communities.

But with your support of the Red Shield Appeal, you’re improving the lives of these people.

Download the full report

ESIS 2016 Key Findings

Economic and Social Impact Survey 2016 - Key Findings

01 Dec 2016 | 2 mb.

ESIS 2016 Full Report

Economic and Social Impact Survey 2016 - Full Report

01 Dec 2016 | 7 mb.

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