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Do Unto Others

Providing practical assistance and a supportive community Do Unto Others (DUOs) is designed to serve disadvantaged and marginalised people in the local community. In a supportive environment people are encouraged to connect to their community and make positive changes to their lifestyle.

The transformation of Eric’s life through his involvement with the DUOs programme is a great example of the positive outcomes that can come from innovative support and positive community connections.

When Eric first came to The Salvation Army he was struggling with alcohol addiction and was homeless. Over his journey of many months, The Salvation Army supported him through rehabilitation and assisted him to find stable accommodation.

Eric has now achieved a qualification and is participating in the DUO’s programme as a mentor for other members of the community seeking assistance and a new direction for their life.

“We’re located near Adelaide’s CBD, where many people sleep out, they can come and spend the night with us if they choose.

There are also people that come who have mental illnesses and those who don’t mix well socially. They spend time with us to make connections and build relationships.

Whether you are in the busiest city in the world — or in Adelaide — the streets can be dangerous at night, and we want people to feel safe.  Our transport teams pick them up and drop them back to us so they can rest and recover.

We’ve seen some wonderful transformation in people’s lives because they have a purpose and were given an opportunity to serve. It’s all about people loving people. Our guests tell us is that they feel they are treated with dignity and care.”

- Salvo Officer Captain Clare Reeve.