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Shaw Clifton

General Shaw Clifton was born in Britain on 21 September 1945. He married Helen Ashman on 15 July 1967.

He was commissioned as a Salvation Army officer in Edmonton Corps, British Territory, on 5 July 1973.

He served an appointment to the Rhodesia Territory in 1975, and returned to Britain as a Corps Officer in January 1979.

In June 1982, Clifton was named the Legal and Parliamentary Secretary at International Headquarters where he served for 7 years, before returning to duties as a Corps Officer in 1989.

He was then appointed in May 1992 as a Divisional Commander in the United Kingdom Territory with the Republic of Ireland. After 3 years he was then appointed as Divisional Commander in the USA Eastern Territory in June 1995.

Additional responsibilities overseas were assigned to Clifton when he was appointed as Commissioner and made Commander of the Pakistan Territory in 1997. This was followed in March 2002 with appointment as Territorial Commander of New Zealand, Fiji and Tonga.

After 9 years abroad, Clifton returned to Britain as Territorial Commander of the United Kingdom Territory with the Republic of Ireland in June 2004.

He was elected by the High Council to become General on 29 January 2006. Under his leadership, the work of The Salvation Army has expanded from 111 to 123 countries.

The General and his wife, Commissioner Helen Clifton, have also actively worked to aid the plight of struggling women and children around the world, including mobilising The Salvation Army in a concerted effort against human trafficking.

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