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Foster Care Week

Across Victoria, The Salvation Army provides support to hundreds of babies, children and young people in foster care placements. This Foster Care Week (11-17th September) we thank our incredible team of volunteer foster carers who work tirelessly to ensure that all young people have the opportunity to lead happy, positive and fulfilling lives. 

What is foster care? 

Foster care is a service provided to children who have been removed from their families. Children who are placed in foster care are removed from their homes in circumstances including family illness, family violence or neglect.

Across Australia, around 43,000 children need foster carer placements to ensure that they have a safe place to grow and develop. 

Placements can be as short as a few days, or can last until a young person turns 18. 

Foster carers are form part of a ‘care team’ for a young person, sharing responsibilities between birth parents, a caseworker and child protection. During a child’s time in care, they reside in their foster carers home. 

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Going Places - Creating Memories

To ensure that a young person’s journey in care is a positive one, this year The Salvation Army Westcare ran their ‘Going Places, Creating Memories’ program in the Northern Territory. 

During the 10 day tour, 18 young people in foster care, along with foster carers and staff, shared a meal with a local Indigenous community, swam in the waters at Butterfly Gorge, witnessed a sunset atop Ubirr Rock and caught a sighting of some crocodiles while aboard houseboats on the Mary River.

Westcare Creating Memories Foster Care Trip 2016

Opportunities like ‘Going Places, Creating Memories’ ensure that young people can develop healthy relationships, build self esteem and self worth, encourage a love of the outdoors and form positive childhood memories while in care.

Want to make a positive difference? 

Our foster care programs at Westcare, SalvoCare Eastern and Gippscare are seeking volunteers who can inspire and make an impact in the life of a young person. 

If you have a spare bed and a safe home to share with a young person, we would love to hear from you. 

To learn more about foster care, click here

To find volunteer foster care opportunities in your area, click here