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The Tasmanian Government’s Affordable Housing Strategy

Yesterday the Minister for Human Services Jacquie Petrusma announced that more than 120 newhomes will be delivered for Tasmanian families in need under a major initiative of the StateGovernment’s Affordable Housing Action Plan.

The Community Housing Stock Leverage Program will transfer the titles of around 500 publichousing properties to allow community housing providers to borrow against their value to buildadditional homes Importantly, despite having their title transferred, these 500 homes will remainavailable for community housing, tenants will not be evicted; houses will not be sold out fromunderneath them.

With almost 3000 Tasmanians on the waiting list for public housing in the state. The SalvationArmy with government support is willing to assist in meeting the urgent demand for moreaffordable housing stock. The transfer of some public housing properties will enable communityhousing providers to borrow against the equity in these assets to help to fund new homeconstruction, thereby increasing the supply of affordable housing in Tasmania.

The Tasmanian Government’s Affordable Housing Strategy allows for public housing title transferwith strict regulatory caveats, and will ensure community housing providers are able to progressthe development of more affordable housing in Tasmania. The important work being undertakenby the community housing sector and the ongoing effort to ensure the needs of the vulnerable inour community are met through this initiative, which is deserving of opposition and communitysupport. 

For further information or media comment please contact:
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