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International: Help for refugees in Leipzig, Germany

THE Salvation Army in Leipzig, Germany, has set up a small 'light-build' warehouse to run as a base for its work with refugees.

Help has been provided by the European Refugee Response Taskforce, territorial and divisional headquarters and also by Torsten Huebner, a manager with logistics company UPS, whose services were offered without charge. The construction was funded by the Salvation Army World Services Office, based in the USA.

The new facility, built on land donated by the town of Leipzig, opened on 24 November. The lack of storage capacity at a pre-existing thrift store meant that only small items such as clothes, shoes, toys and household items could be offered to refugees settling in flats in the town. The new warehouse allows The Salvation Army to collect and supply larger items such as furniture to the 60 clients who have registered so far.

Major Mark Backhaus, the corps officer (Salvation Army minister) in Leipzig, explains: 'Most of the refugees come into completely empty flats after living some time in different styles of camps in Germany. We offer everything for token prices to finance electricity, a small truck and heating.' 

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