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International: Flooding response in Mozambique

The Salvation Army provide assistance to those affected by the Mozambique floodsThe Salvation Army in Mozambique is responding after floods caused more than 70 deaths and left thousands of people homeless. Around 100,000 people in the north and centre of the country are estimated to have been affected, with heavy rain expected to continue for days. 

The town of Mocuba in central Zambezia province was particularly hard-hit. Eighteen children are missing after the River Licungo overflowed its banks, forcing 15,000 people from their homes. The Salvation Army's Captain Arsenio Macamo (Section Officer, Zambezia) says the flooding in the region is the worst since 1971, and news reports say that the river is flowing so quickly that it is impossible to cross, with some areas completely cut off. Large portions of the country are also without power.

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