Changing lives with The Salvos
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Changing lives with The Salvos

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You can change lives with the Salvos – all in a day’s work 

Whether you work part-time or full-time, it’s easy to feel like you don’t have the time to really make a meaningful difference in your community.   

That’s where Workplace Giving comes in. It’s the most convenient way to donate to charity – direct from your pre-tax salary. 

Here’s what a small donation each pay can do: 

  • $7.50 can provide a toiletry pack for someone leaving their home quickly because of family violence 
  • $15 can give a family food for school lunches
  • $40 can give warm bedding and blankets to keep individuals or families warm at night  
  • $50 can provide food hampers and pantry staples for struggling families to make simple meals to get through the week 

Donations truly make a real difference to the lives of people doing it tough in our country. 

We have new Workplace Giving information and resources available for employers and employees – click here to see them