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Changing lives with “Thankyou”

Social enterprise Thankyou has today announced funding for its first Australian project – The Salvation Army’s Hamodava Café in Melbourne’s CBD.

To launch the partnership between Thankyou and The Salvation Army, Lord Mayor of Melbourne Robert Doyle, Managing Director and Co-founder of Thankyou Daniel Flynn, CEO of 7-Eleven Australia, Warren Wilmot and Salvation Army Officer at Melbourne Project 614 Major Brendan Nottle gathered with volunteers as they served breakfast and barista-made coffee to Melbourne’s homeless and disadvantaged at the café.

The Hamodava Café is a purpose-built space at The Salvation Army on Bourke Street where vulnerable or homeless people in Melbourne can enjoy breakfast and lunch with table service from dedicated volunteers, access to the internet, daily newspapers, TV and barista-made coffee.

Many guests to the café are experiencing long term homelessness, living in rooming houses, or struggling to make ends meet. The café provides an environment where Salvation Army caseworkers can connect with people requiring support.

Thankyou is a movement that empowers consumers to live every day and give every day, through purchasing their water, body care and food ranges that fund safe water access, hygiene and sanitation programs and immediate food aid as well as long-term food solutions to people in need..

Their first Australian project coincides with the launch of Thankyou’s new 45-gram bar, sold in 7-Eleven Australia stores nationally. Funds from the 45-gram bar will go towards funding breakfast at the Hamodava Café as well as immediate food aid and long-term food solutions for people in need in Kenya and Cambodia. 

The Salvation Army’s Major Brendan Nottle said, “The Salvation Army is excited by the power of the Thankyou movement. We’ve been big fans of Thankyou’s vision since their inception, and for Hamodava Café to be their first Australian project is an honour.”

Thankyou’s Daniel Flynn said, “We’re so proud to partner with The Salvation Army, an incredibly respected social welfare institution, to fund our first Australian project. This is a big milestone for us, and we’re excited to give Australians the chance to impact people in need here in Melbourne as well as in developing nations through purchasing our food products.” 

The Salvation Army is grateful for Thankyou’s support that will make a real difference to the lives of Australians in need.

Find out more about the exciting new partnership below.