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It's Souperhero Week!

Hundreds of ordinary Australians are this week transforming into Souperheroes to raise money for struggling Australians.

We recently surveyed 2,406 people in our community support centres. We found the average person visiting a Salvation Army centre lives on less than $18 a day after paying accommodation costs. That’s $18 to cover all expenses like groceries, bills, clothing, travel and school and medical costs.

To make a difference in the lives of these people, heroic Australians have pledged to eat soup for every meal from Saturday 25 July to Friday 31 July.

Why soup? We’ve found that it’s the unsung hero for people struggling to make ends meet. A batch of soup can satisfy hunger but also provide nutrition for a whole family at very low cost (plus it can be stretched further by adding ingredients like lentils or stock).

All money raised will help the Salvos provide material and practical support in the form of food parcels, bill help, clothing vouchers or even nights in crisis accommodation.

To donate to the mission visit or locate a Souperhero visit Souperhero Central Command today.

Be A Souperhero | The Salvation Army