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Salvation Army teams assist fire crews all around Australia

Western Australia

We have now concluded our emergency services to firefighters and in five days, we have provided over 11,000 meals. The next phase of support is to establish a point of assistance from which financial and other support can be provided. We are working with other agencies and government departments to assist where required.

The Salvation Army has set aside $60,000 for emergency financial payments which, when combined with other financial aid, will provide very meaningful support to those affected. Over the next few weeks, we will continue to provide a consistent support presence ready to assist with a range of needs.The Salvation Army are committed to providing support through to full recovery.

South Australia

South Australia’s Salvation Army Emergency Services teams have responded to fires throughout January in Delamere, Rockleigh, the Barossa Valley and Bangor, in the Southern Flinders Ranges.

About 50 Salvation Army personnel have been on sites providing almost 10,000 meals plus snack packs to the Country Fire Service and other emergency agencies such as the police and State Emergency Services. 


The Salvation Army is supporting fire crews in Victoria as they continue to contain fires threatening regional areas of the state. Salvation Army emergency teams have provided support at fires in Northern Victoria at Tatyoon, Yandoit, Plumpton, Kangaroo Ground and Epping and in Western Victoria at Steglietz, Trawalla and Meredith.  At these locations teams of Salvation Army volunteers have served over 1000 meals for fire crews and Emergency Services personnel as well as additional take away packs containing drinks and snacks.

In the Grampians region, bushfires have tragically claimed one life and destroyed dozens of properties and thousands of hectares and livestock. The Salvation Army is offering immediate care to people affected by fires by supplying bedding as well as other necessities to community members at emergency relief centres in Stawell and Ararat.