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Salvos aim for $10 million this Red Shield Appeal Doorknock weekend

Thousands of volunteers will knock on doors all over Australia as part of The Salvation Army’s Red Shield Appeal doorknock this weekend. 

The national target for the weekend is $10 million – part of an overall Red Shield Appeal target of $80 million. 

Volunteers will also collect donations at major intersections and shopping centres, with all donations going to ensure that vital services and programs can continue to operate across the country. 

The Salvos recently surveyed 2,485 of its emergency relief clients and found there is a significant group of people in Australia that continue to experience disadvantage and deprivation on a daily basis. 

The survey reveals: 

  • 1 in 4 is unable to afford a substantial meal at least once a day
  • 62% have cut back on basic necessities 
  • 38% did not have regular social contact with people leading to isolation and loneliness 
  • 47% are unable to find someone to help them when needed 
  • 91% of respondents had limited or no savings for emergencies. 

“Every donation this weekend will make a difference. We do ask people to dig deep, because there is such a big job to do,” said The Salvation Army’s Dr Bruce Redman. 

If people miss the Red Shield Appeal collectors this weekend they can still donate by:
Calling 13 SALVOS (13 72 58), clicking here to donate online, or donate in person at any Westpac Bank branch or by posting your cheque to PO Box 9888 in your capital city.