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Salvation Army 2014-15 Victorian State Budget submission

Help us address the root causes of disadvantage for vulnerable people

Keep investing in programs that have a proven track record of improving Victorian lives, The Salvation Army has urged the state government in its 2014-15 State Budget submission. 

This year’s submission focusses on five key areas:

  • Reducing family violence and its effects
  • Improving measures to tackle crime and recidivism
  • Alleviating  spiraling cost-of-living increases (particularly water bills)
  • Increasing affordable housing accessibility through private rental brokerage programs
  • Ensuring a sustainable community sector.

“Our priority is the people who face multiple disadvantages,” said Captain Jason Davies-Kildea, manager of the Salvos’ Victorian policy unit. 

“Our frontline services deal with a range of seemingly intractable problems on a daily basis – homelessness, addictions, family violence. These are tough areas, but we can make a difference by investing wisely. We must build on what we know works.”

The submission makes several recommendations about proven, cost-effective programs in place. One such program, the Private Rental Brokerage Scheme, helps low-income earners enter and remain in the private rental market. 

“A lack of affordable housing is impacting all of our program areas at the moment,” said Captain Davies-Kildea.

“There is a big shortfall in public and community housing, and some people need a bit of extra help to make private renting achievable.  If we can help them, we can avoid much higher costs down the track, including homelessness.”

The submission also highlights areas in which effective policies have been established but not universally implemented.

The Salvation Army is also calling upon the Victorian Government to:

  • Extend the support for children who are impacted by family violence beyond those who are accommodated in refuges to include family violence outreach
  • Establish more effective diversion, rehabilitation and post-release support for young criminal offenders to reduce recidivism
  • Increase utility concessions, specifically targeting water bills, to reduce the cost of living
  • Fund superannuation levy increases to build sector sustainability

Click here for a copy of the full submission.

For further information or media comment please contact:
Captain Jason Davies-Kildea – Manager, Victorian Social Programme & Policy Unit 
The Salvation Army – Australia Southern Territory (Vic., SA, Tas., WA & NT)
Tel: 03 9353 5217 Mob: 0418 539 235 Email: jason.davies-kildea@aus.salvationarmy.org