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International: Salvation Army in Southern USA assists people affected by unusual weather

As unusually severe winter weather sweeps across the southern states of the USA, The Salvation Army is providing food, shelter and vital supplies in several locations.

In much of this region, snow is so unusual that many cities do not have snow ploughs or salt/grit trucks, meaning that only a few inches of snow can cause gridlock.

In Atlanta, Georgia, The Salvation Army is partnering with the National Guard to distribute warm meals and hot coffee to motorists who are stranded along the interstate roads. 'Many have been stranded for more than 16 hours,' says Metro Atlanta Area Commander Major Todd Hawks. 'We just want to bring comfort to those who have had to endure low temperatures and snow.'

Salvation Army canteens are in place to offer food, hot drinks and spiritual support, and the Red Shield shelter at 400 Lucky Street in downtown Atlanta is preparing hot meals for stranded motorists.Currently, warming centres are open and community centres have all shelters open and are taking necessary steps to allow for additional accommodations of men, women and children who have been affected by the winter storm.

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