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International: Participants Sought to Join Global Conversation

Some of the 'big questions' facing The Salvation Army will be discussed by more than 200 delegates, representing almost every Salvation Army territory, command and region, at the Global Conversation gathering in Orlando, Florida, USA. The event is by no means exclusive, however, with online blogs and forums offering Salvationists, employees and friends around the world an opportunity to be part of the conversation through the www.salvationarmy.org/globalconversation website.

The three-day event begins on Wednesday 26 March and is being held in conjunction with the 2014 USA Salvation Army Conference for Social Work and Emergency Disaster Services.

The desire is to create space for mind-stretching, agenda-setting papers, leading to rich conversations full of different perspectives. In everything, delegates and online participants will be united in a shared passion to serve suffering humanity and transform the world in the name of Jesus Christ.

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