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Territorial Leaders Attend High Council

Commissioners TiddGathering together with leaders from around the globe, we count it a privilege to attend the High Council seeking to discern God's chosen leader to be the next General of The Salvation Army.  We recognise the burden of responsibility as we journey to London and have been in prayer and reflection in preparation for the time at High Council.

In these short weeks since our arrival we have quickly come to appreciate the heart of Salvationists across this territory.  We have observed a deep commitment  to God and the mission and vision that he has cast for this territory.  We have sensed hearts filled with anticipation of what God has in store and are actively seeking after his own heart.  We are grateful for a territory of praying people.  We express once again our appreciation of the support and encouragement and prayers of so many in these recent weeks since our arrival. 

We invite you to join with us, members of the High Council and Salvationists around the world as we wait upon God for a discernment and election of his choice of General. 

God Bless The Salvation Army, Australia Southern Territory.
God Bless the International Salvation Army.
God Bless the new General.

Continuing to count it a privilege to be 'partners in the Gospel'
(Philippians 1:3-5)


Floyd & Tracey Tidd


For more information on the 2013 High Council please visit The Salvation Army International website.