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The Salvation Army responds to employee concerns regarding job classification

26 July, 2012

The Salvation Army highly values the contribution of thousands of dedicated employees who are critical to the provision of social services in areas such as homelessness, family and youth support.  As part of the transition to the Modern Award, effective 1 July 2012, The Salvation Army was required to translate the classifications, which affects social and community services sector employees, to new classifications under the Award.

'Due to the complexity and the scope of the task and despite extensive work conducted over many months this translation process is incomplete,' said Mr Stephen Webb, Leader of People and Facilitation for The Salvation Army Australia Southern Territory.

'While this process is incomplete, an interim measure to provisionally translate classifications to the new Award has been implemented and employees have been advised this month that a further process to determine final classifications would be undertaken over the next few months,' he said.

'No employees’ rate of pay has decreased as a result of the provisional classification translation process. In fact, all employees have just received a pay increase of 2.9% as a result of the National Wage Case,' said Mr Webb.

'Any claims made that The Salvation Army proposes to underpay employees are unfounded and without substance. We are committed to pay employees justly in accordance with their correct classification under the Modern Award and further increases will be given over the next eight years in accordance with the Equal Remuneration decision,' he said.

'Any additional funding that is received from Government to assist with the Equal Remuneration Order will be used as intended to off-set the increased wages cost,' said Mr Webb.

For more information please contact:

The Salvation Army, Australia Southern Territory
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