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Australians are known for being generous and having a spirit and willingness to lend a hand.

Did you know that ONE in FOUR people in Australia do some kind of volunteer work?
Volunteering is to choose - by your own free will - to work without payment for the benefit of the community. 25% of Australians give a gift of their time to help those in need.

The Salvation Army has been  able to continue our good work because of ordinary Australians giving their time to help us help others.

For more information on what volunteering is, and how you can get involved - Read below!


Why Volunteer?

Did you know, many of the welfare, health, education, emergency, social justice, animal welfare, cultural and recreational services that we can take for granted all started off as volunteer organisations.

Volunteering provides Australians with the opportunity to help future generations, just as volunteers before us have made our lives more enjoyable.

When you volunteer for The Salvation Army, you offer a hand of support to someone at their greatest point of need. Many of our past clients then go on to become volunteers themselves because of the people that helped them in their time of need.

Volunteering for the Salvos will give you new skills, satisfaction, work experience, new friends and an enjoyable time!

How does volunteering help?

By donating your time to The Salvation Army:

  • You will bring your skills, expertise, enthusiasm and new ideas to help us continue our work
  • You allow us to help more clients by helping us in the running of various programs
  • You increase public awareness of The Salvation Army
  • You help ensure a cost effective service

What is there to do?

The Salvation Army can use volunteer help right across our organisation.

  • Preparing and serving food
  • Typing, clerical, and administrative support
  • Fundraising
  • Serving in stores
  • Playing music
  • Plus many more!

Corporate Volunteering

Looking for a way to get your staff involved in the community? Be involved in The Salvation Army's Corporate Volunteering Program.

To discuss opportunities contact:

Katrina Perera
Divisional Volunteer Co-Ordinator
T. 08 9260 9509


Or browse our current volunteering opportunities.

On the right: A group of wonderful girls from The Body Shop came in to help out Robin Falloon (Assistant Divisional Communications & Fundraising Secretary) with Red Shield Appeal preparations.

The Body Shop

Mabel Friend

Recipient of the "WA Award Badge for 50 years of volunteer service" from the Department of Communities

A loyal, devoted volunteer of the Morley Corps, Mabel Friend has served with the Salvation Army for over fifty years. In this time as a volunteer, Mabel has worked in the welfare area in both Swanview and Kalgoorlie. This involved providing people with emergency relief and working in the thrift shop.Mabel

Mabel has also immensely enjoyed teaching craft at varied Women’s Prisons. Mabel has contributed significantly to the fundraising efforts within the Salvation Army , with her strong ability to organize events and functions. Some of these have included Walkathon’s, Fete’s, Dinner’s. Trivia Nights,  Garden Parties and Missions for the church.