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Community Ministries


Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care

We have a Pastoral Care team who regularly visit, send cards and make contact with the elderly, sick and hurting or in need of spiritual guidance.

Social Justice

We engage in promoting, financially supporting and raising awareness of social justice issues.

Soup Run

Soup Run

Teams regularly prepare food and assist with the City Soup Run program every morning of the week.

Pastoral Care

Doorways Community Programs

Open 9–4 Monday to Friday, these programs including Emergency Relief, Positive Lifestyle Programs, Case Management with caseworkers that provide initial wrap-around support to people as they try to navigate the various community services and service providers in central Perth.

Street Outreach

Street Outreach Teams

Three nights a week our teams work through the City and Northbridge to known places where homeless people are sleeping and need support. We provide referrals and transport to accommodation and rehabilitation services, links into our Doorways programs and food and warm bedding for nights where no accommodation can be found.


Coffee Booth

Open each weekday 9am–2pm and on Sunday mornings following our church service, Coffee Booth is a funky inner city cafe that faces William Street in Northbridge. Providing great coffee, this cafe doubles as a barista training facility and is staffed by volunteers that help to provide community and social interaction for customers and program participants alike.

Contact Us

333 William Street,
Northbridge WA 6003

PO Box 8498
Perth Business Centre 6849

P: 08 9260 9591