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聚会活动 What we offer

What we offer

At The Salvation Army, people of all ages and backgrounds feel they can belong and participate in healthy community activities. We offer a place where you can connect with a family of people and have a sense of belonging. A place where you can begin to enjoy all that God has for you; a place where everyone has an opportunity to contribute positively within the community.

Our Programmes

Below we have listed some of the groups of activities available at our Corps. Please visit the links for more details or feel free to call us.

Worship Service
主日崇拜 Worship Service

We are a people of faith committed to loving God and others in creative and tangible ways.  We achieve this through meeting together each week (礼拜日上午十時 Sunday, 10am) 提供英丶国丶粵語翻译 ...Read more

English language classes

免费实用英语课程 English Classes

免费实用英语课程 逢星期四和五上午 10至11.45. Free English Classes (Conversational English)

Thursday & Friday 10–11.45am

Sunday School
儿童主日学 Sunday School

儿童主日学(英语班) 礼拜日上午十時  Sunday school is held for children and youth at 10am and all are welcome

礼拜日上午十時Sunday 10am

Perth Chinese Corps Prayer meeting

祷告会 Prayer Meeting

祷告会逢星期日上午9.15时舉行  Prayer Meeting Sunday morning 9.15am

星期日上午9.15时 Sunday 9:15am

Perth Chinese Corps Bible Study group

圣经综览班Bible Study

圣经综览班  逢星期日中午十二时舉行 Bible study Every Sunday 12 noon

星期日中午十二时 Sunday 12noon

Perth Chinese Corps Alpha class

启发课程Alpha Class

启发课程通过聚餐、短讲和讨论让任何有兴趣探讨基督教信仰的人士在一个无威迫性及友善的环境下寻索人生意义。有关详情请聯絡我們 An opportunity to explore the meaning of life.
Please call church office for more information

Lunch Fellowship and Bible Study

Lunch Fellowship & Bible Study

查经班附午餐聚会 逢星期四午間十二点舉行 欢迎各界人士参加 Lunch fellowship followed by bible study Every Thursday at 12noon. All are welcome
期四午間十二点 Thursday 12noon

Exercise class

Exercise Class

赞美操 逢星期四下午二时舉行 Exercise class Every Thursday at 2.00pm

星期四下午二时 Thursday 2pm

Perth Chinese Corps community services

Community Services

我们也提供个人辅导,家庭辅导与婚姻辅导。 我们能以双语提供华人与澳大利亚人婚姻辅导与婚前辅导。 我们也能够提供婚姻注册和用中英双语举行结婚仪式。 We provide support for those facing personal, family or marital problems. We are able to solemnise and conduct weddings in Mandarin and in English. 周二至周五早上九时至下午三时   周二至周五早上九时至下午三时Tuesday - Friday 9am-3pm