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救世军珀斯華人基督教會 Perth Chinese Corps (Church)

worship at Perth Chinese Corps church

Perth Chinese Corps Worship

About Perth Chinese

救世军是一个基督教团过: 体,目的是分享耶稣的爱,透过:The Salvation Army is a Christian movement dedicated to sharing the love of Jesus by:

  • 关怀社群 Caring for people
  • 开设信仰途径 Creating faith pathways
  • 建立健康的社区 Building healthy communities
  • 为公义而努力 Working for justice

At Perth Chinese

P: 08 9328 2108
E: Paul & Esther.ong

333 William Street, Northbridge, WA. 6003

Worship Service

Sunday 10:00am 

提供英丶国丶粵語 翻译 English/ Mandarin/ Cantonese

The Salvation Army Perth Chinese Corps

在我们人生未知的旅程中,您是否曾渴慕信仰里的追求及心灵层面的满足呢? 又或者你正在需找一个真正归属于自己的地方; 在此很荣幸为您介绍基督教救世军华人堂,让我们诚挚的邀请您与我们一同在这完全能展现自我的地方来探索这人生的奇幻之旅
It is a pleasure to introduce you to The Salvation Army Perth Chinese Corps. We all have an unexplored journey ahead of us. Perhaps exploring faith and spirituality is part of that journey for you. Perhaps it’s about finding community; a place where you can belong and make a difference; we would like to welcome you to come along the journey with us…

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聚会活动与消息 Perth Chinese News and Events

Dragon Boat Event Flyer

Dragon Boat Festival

Great day out for all
Join us making rice dumplings

Please register between Tue to Friday 10-3 at our office

17 June 2018
Womens Bible Study

圣经综览班 Bible Study

Every Sunday you are welcome to come along and learn the Bible with other like-minded people.

Translation to English / Mandarin / Cantonese is provided

Sunday 12noon

lunch and bible study

Fellowship Lunch & Bible Study

逢星期四午間十二点舉行 欢迎各界人士参加
Lunch fellowship followed by bible study Every Thursday at 12noon.All are welcome. Come along and make new friends.

Thursday 12noon

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English language classes

English language classes

逢星期四和五上午 10至11.45 ,有免费实用英语课程
Free English Classes are available at Perth Chinese Corps every week. (Conversational English)

Thursday and Friday 10am- 11:45am