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kids background

We have a diverse range of programs for children starting from birth to young adults to make a positive and lasting impact on children’s spiritual journeys.

SAGALA is held each Friday at 4:30pm-6pm and is a program where children aged 5-17 can have a fun safe space to engage in a range of activities often centered around a theme. This is a Life Skills program similar to the scouting movement and include challenges, being part of a social community, working towards achieving badges and awards.

providing a fun safe space for children to engage in a range of activities often cantered around a theme. Some of the key elements include games (fun and messy), challenges, craft activities, being part of a social community, often sharing in some sort of food (afternoon tea/supper) and some teaching segment with a Christian focus (this also might include some singing). - See more at: http://www.sarmy.org.au/en/Ministry/Children/Programs/Primary-Aged-Church/Kids-ClubJunior-Youth-Groups/?id=14189_169202&idkeep=True&epslanguage=en#sthash.u3qjFiYx.dpuf

Friday 4:30pm - 6 pm