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Our worship services are available for all to come to.  We enjoy a relaxed atmosphere that is not always the same.  What you see on one Sunday may not be the same the next week.

Please note: NEW TIME!!!

Time:  Sundays 5:00pm

Triple 'C' - Craft, Cuppa and Chat

craft, cuppa, chatOn a Thursday morning we run a small group that gets together to do craft.  While it is 'named' as a craft group, not everyone who attends needs to do a craft.  You may simply want to come along for a chat with others or to do something else that takes your interest.  All are welcome to attend.

Time:  Thursday 9:30am (during school terms only)

Bible Study

bible studyA weekly Bible study group is available to all who are interested in learning more about what Christians believe.

Time:  Fridays 3:30pm

Positive Lifestyle Program

Positive Lifestyle Program

It is our privilege to be able to offer the Positive Lifestyle Program for those who are looking to improve their lifestyle.

The programme has been specifically designed to enhance participants   self-awareness, in addition to enabling them to gain a better understanding   of personal life skills.



The Positive Lifestyle Program consists of 8 sessions plus an introduction comprising of:

Self-awareness; Anger; Depression & Loneliness; Stress; Grief and loss; Assertiveness; Self-esteem and Goal setting.

If you feel that you may benefit from participating in this, please contact us for further details.