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Good Friday Meeting

By Heather Denholm

Our Easter weekend commenced with the Good Friday worship service, when we were led in worship by Majors Iain and Dawn Trainor, assisted by members of the congregation.

Vivienne bought the wine to place at the front, while we reflected on the part that wine had played in the life of Jesus, and remembered his first miracle. John carried the cross down through the church and placed it down as we heard sounds of hammering. Jim and Margaret carried the hammer and nails to the front and placed the sign on the top of the cross.

Lindsay sang the lovely words written by Albert Osborne  Sacred Hands of Jesus.Some of the words are        
Sacred hands of Jesus, They were bound for me
Wounded hands of Jesus, Stretched upon a tree,
Ever interceding mercy is their plea.

The robe was carried by Brenda and hung over the empty cross, it represented the humiliation that was heaped upon Jesus , as it was not his robe but one used to mock Him. Ken bought the crown of thorns and hung it on the top of the cross, the crown of thorns made from branches of a local tree that caused agony to anyone who brushed passed it . We could only imagine the pain it caused having it pushed down on His head.  But in fact the crown is priceless to us.
The band played the tune of Such Love with the words.
Such love pure as the driven snow Such love weeps for the shame I know
Such love paying the debt I owe, Oh Jesus such Love

The sponge soaked in vinegar was carried forward by Margaret , to remind us that there was no rest or relief for Jesus on that day. Norrie carried the spear and leant it against the cross and to me it showed the difference between the government and the followers and disciples of Jesus, one followed war and revenge the other peace and life through the cross.
Major Iain shared a message from Gods Word “Forsaken” 
Some times doing the right thing, what God wants you to do can make you very lonely.

We concluded by singing
When I survey the wondrous Cross On which the prince of glory died
My richest gain I count but dross and pour contempt on all my pride