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Perth Hills Bushfire Appeal Update

Wednesday 6th February 2014

As families try to pick up the pieces from the devastating January Perth Hills Bushfire, The Salvation Army is working closely with the Mundaring Shire to develop a clear and transparent tool which will aid distribution and further support to the community. Financial donations to the Perth Hills Bushfire Appeal currently stand at over $300,000. The Salvation Army has so far distributed the total value of $39,300.00 to affected families and individuals.

The Salvation Army, has to date, given financial assistance to 54 families. Approximately another 30 families have required assistance in the form of food, toiletries and a few changes of clothes until they could get back to their homes safely. Of the 54 families who came to The Salvation Army for assistance, 37 families are fully destroyed, while 17 are partially destroyed. In total, 103 adults and 41 children under the age of 16 years old have been assisted so far following the devastating January fires.

With over $39,000 having already been distributed to those affected, the next focus shifts to setting of a criteria to determine the financial allocation of remaining funds to those affected. We are also working with other local groups such as the Mundaring Community Bank® Branch of Bendigo Bank.


The Salvation Army volunteers and chaplains will continue to provide support to families and individuals affected, who have lost homes or have nowhere to stay. We are working with local authorities to assess the needs of people affected and continue to offer material and emotional assistance.

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