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Interactive Class Talks

The Beyond the Classroom Class Activity runs in standard class periods for class sizes between 10 and 35 students with students initially nominated as either:


> More Than Enough

> Enough

> Emergency Accommodation

> Sleeping Rough

  Designed to generate discussion and opportunities to talk about real-life examples, students will discover as they go that everybody has a story and everybody is on a journey in life.  Because this activity is dynamic and interactive, the level of discussion will reflect the unique age and life experiences of those taking part and help identify some of the drivers of addiction, homelessness and urban poverty in Australia.

There is no charge to run this activity in your school but we would encourage you to consider helping out with either our annual Red Shield, Winter or Christmas Appeals as a way of responding to the learnings.


For further information on how you can become involved please contact:

Darren Reynolds

Ph: 9260 9514

Mob: 0438 530 853

Email: darren.reynolds@aus.salvationarmy.org