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The Westcare Network has three Senior Managers who each oversee a section of the service delivery system, and a General Manager with network-wide responsibilities. These Senior Managers provide supervision to Program Managers who in turn provide supervision to their individual teams.


All three Senior Managers provide support across all program areas, participate in the 'Management On Call' system, and use a collegiate approach in decision making and problem solving.


Foster Care/Home Based Care Services


Westcare's Home Based Care Services provide safe care and support for babies, children and young people who are unable to live with their own families or who are at risk of homelessness. Home Based Care Services comprises of three program areas: Adolescent Home Based CareMelton Foster Care, and the Circle Therapeutic Foster Care Pilot Program

Part of the Home Based Care Services is also the Home Based Care (HBC) Recruitment and Training Unit which attracts and trains potential caregivers. On any one night Home Based Care services provide care and support to 170 babies, children and young people. Support is provided 24-hours-a-day, 7 days per week.


Transitional Services 


Transitional Services are programs that offer placements and a range of support services to young people. The Lead Tenant program provides an opportunity for young people to move closer to independence with the support of up to two 'lead tenants' which appropriate role-modelling through engagement with education, employment, self-care, communication and positive behaviour.

The Transitional Supported Accommodation for Youth (TSAY) program provides a range of support services to young people aged between 16 to 20 who are homeless or at risk of homelessness. TSAY's objective is to assist young people to access and sustain housing.


Residential Services

Residential Services provide safe accommodation to young people aged betweem 12 and 18 who have been removed from home by DHS and have been deemed as having 'high needs' or exhibiting 'high-risk' behaviour. Two Case Management services provide varying levels of case management to young people residing both in Westcare's Residential Services and other services. Some of these young people are deemed to be at the highest risk across the region.


Case Management Services

The Salvation Army Westcare's Case Management Service provides contracted case management for young people across Westcare's residential programs. The Case Management Service (CMS) and Intensive Case Management Service (ICMS) work with the young person in the context of their family who continue to be an important part of the young person's future. The Case Managers provide or link the young person with outreach, proactive case work, group work, strong advocacy and counselling as identified within the protective case plan.

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The Salvation Army Westcare acknowledges the support of the Victorian Goverment.