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Nicole's Story*


Having witnessed “the system” first-hand as a child, Nicole knows the importance of effective Out-of-Home-Care better than anyone. She is putting this knowledge to good use now she has become a Foster Carer herself.

‘I was in different placements with different families and it was all sort of changing all the time’, she explains. ‘The main family that I stayed with, they weren’t real nice. I think a few times I got whipped with rope.’

‘I had one worker for the whole time’, Nicole says. ‘I still remember her name and her boots. She wore big brown boots. When we’d go to see her I was a bit intimidated because I knew what was going to happen – I’m off to another family. I did hate going to see her.

I think I know more about how the kid feels. I think back to how I reacted – there was lots of times when I was naughty. Now I know why! You’re given away all the time, you’re not wanted. I don’t ever want kids to feel like that – that they’re not wanted or they’re not special.

It doesn’t take much to affect a child emotionally. You’ve only got to have five minutes for them and you can impact them so much.'

*Real names have been changed.