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Ahmed's Story*


By 18, most young people who grew up in out of home care have begun living independently. Ahmed is staying with his Foster mum until he finishes school.

'In some ways, going through the system gives you a kick-start. It’s not the best thing but in the long run you learn the things that some people don’t learn until they’re older. You have a lot of responsibility to grow up quicker, which kind of sucks because you miss out on your childhood. But you learn your way around it.

[Foster Care] was good for me, they taught me a lot of rules … and I wasn’t easy to teach. If there’s one thing that will make a person strive harder in life it’s to know they’re loved and cared for, that people worry about them. That makes people feel good. And when you feel good, what do you do? You do good.

My Foster mum earned my trust. She doesn’t give up on people, no matter what. She gives people a chance and she is there for you. She listens – and not just because it’s her job, but because she wants to. She has helped me in so many ways that I can’t even describe. And she is always there if I fall or need [someone] to catch me.'

*Real names have been changed.