Sarah & Michael's Story
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Sarah & Michael's Story*

Sarah & Michael

Sarah and Michael were in their mid-twenties and working full-time when they decided to become Foster Carers. The young couple wasn’t ready to start a family of their own but they felt they had the time and ability to provide regular Respite Care.

Sarah explains: ‘At the end of the day, we could easily be parents to children of our own so why couldn’t we look after someone else’s child? Especially when people are going to support you while you do it!’

Once they gained experience and felt more confident in their parenting skills, Sarah and Michael began to look after children and young people on a more long-term basis.

Michael says: ‘We just want them to know that they’re safe and can breathe. That we’re just here to help.’

Sarah believes their young age is actually a benefit when dealing with school-age children and teenagers, particularly when they have them for regular Respite Care.

‘We can relate to them in a different way. We can be a fun outlet, whilst also helping them with the normal issues and normal school problems all kids have.’

Michael says: ‘There’s a perception that these kids are really problematic, or really traumatised, or really broken. They can be traumatised but they’re not necessarily destructive. And we can help them.’

Real names have been changed.