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Our Stories.

Sarah & Michael

Sarah & Michael's Story*

Sarah and Michael were in their mid-twenties and working full-time when they decided to become Foster Carers. The young couple wasn’t ready to start a family of their own but they felt they had the time and ability to provide regular Respite Care.

Sarah explains: ‘At the end of the day, we could easily be parents to children of our own so why couldn’t we look after someone else’s child? Especially when people are going to support you while you do it!’

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*Real names have been changed.


Ahmed's Story*

By 18, most young people who grew up in out of home care have begun living independently. Ahmed is staying with his Foster mum until he finishes school.

'In some ways, going through the system gives you a kick-start. It’s not the best thing but in the long run you learn the things that some people don’t learn until they’re older. You have a lot of responsibility to grow up quicker, which kind of sucks because you miss out on your childhood. But you learn your way around it.'

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*Real names have been changed.


Nicole's Story*

Having witnessed “the system” first-hand as a child, Nicole knows the importance of effective Out-of-Home-Care better than anyone. She is putting this knowledge to good use now she has become a Foster Carer herself.

'I think I know more about how the kid feels. I think back to how I reacted – there was lots of times when I was naughty. Now I know why! You’re given away all the time, you’re not wanted. I don’t ever want kids to feel like that – that they’re not wanted or they’re not special.'

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*Real names have been changed.


Gail's Story

Gail Walton manages Westcare Foster Care's Recruitment and Training and is an integral part of our Care Support Team. Gail is a caregiver herself and has been a passionate Foster Care advocate for over 20 years.

'At Westcare Foster Care, we are here for you every step of the way! You will be supported day-to-day by qualified, experienced and passionate staff who will visit you, talk with you and provide assistance along the way.'

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