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Support for Foster Carers

Financial Support for Carers

Victoria’s Department of Health & Human Services reimburses Foster Carers for the day-to-day costs of caring for a child. The Caregiver Reimbursement is tax-free and covers items such as: food, clothing, household provisions, recreational activities, and entertainment.

The Reimbursement does not, however, pay for a Foster Carer’s time and skills. Rather, it contributes to the cost of caring for a child or young person in your care. The level of reimbursement depends on the age and complexity of the child.

Foster Carers may also be eligible for additional funding through Centrelink and/or the Australian Tax Office, including:

  • New Placement Loading.
  • Family Tax Benefit.
  • Family Disability Allowance.
  • Youth Allowance.
  • Education and Medical Expenses Allowance.
  • Education Assistance with Initiative Allowance.
  • Reimbursement of some additional expenses.

Those Foster Carers who receive a Newstart Allowance through Centrelink may also be eligible for exemption from certain job plan requirements.

For the latest funding information, please visit:

Support for Foster Carers

Day-to-Day Support for Carers

The Salvation Army Westcare is here for you every step of the way. You will be supported by a qualified, experienced, and passionate Care Team that is available to assist at any time of day or night.

You can also expect to receive ongoing training from leaders with significant experience within the Foster Care sector. Regular education and skills development sessions will ensure you and your family are prepared to handle difficult situations with confidence. These sessions are opportunities to improve the positive impact you make to the life of a child or young person in your care.

Your ongoing training may involve, but is not limited to, the following topics:

  • Child and adolescent development.
  • Drug and alcohol abuse. 
  • The education system.
  • Working with challenging behaviours. 
  • Trauma and the brain.
  • Dealing with conflict.
  • Social media.

We also encourage our Foster Carers to join the Foster Care Association of Victoria which provides information, support, and advocacy directly to Foster Carers and their families in Victoria.

For information about support for carers, please visit:

Fostering Connections