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Creating Dreams Project

The Creating Dreams project is a Westcare initiative designed to acknowledge the achievements and dreams of young people within our community - with the support of the people who strive to make a difference in their lives.

Unfortunately, many young people have to overcome extraordinary challenges to reach their potential, which often goes unrecognised. In addition, the focus of working with young poeple typically centres on addressing the difficulties and issues they face, and then allocating resources accordingly. This can result in achievements often being overlooked and creates a culture where achievement and success is not viewed as the 'norm'.

By acknowledging the achievements of each individual in ways which are relevantmeaningful and non-comparative, we hope young people see themselves as strong and extraordinary individuals capable of producing outstanding results in their lives - despite the circumstances. We also aim to promote a desire to achieve, and encourage young people to have a sense of pride in their achievement and be seen as an inspiration to others facing similar situations.

The Creating Dreams project is funded by staff at Westcare and a variety of fundraising activities. Staff commitment is integral to the success of the project.

See Creating Dreams in action! View our videos below:

Support from The Western Bulldogs

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A Look into Creating Dreams

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Support disadvantaged young people and assist Creating Dreams acknowledge their achievements by donating.

Make a Nomination

To nominate a worthy receipient please go to our Nominations page, or to find out more, to provide donations or corporate sponsorship, please refer to our How Can You Help page

For more information, please download the Creating Dreams Information Booklet.