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About us


We will be a Christian community that regularly experiences God saving people through our ministries ~ causing great celebration in heaven and on earth.


 “We exist to:      Introduce people to Jesus

                          Help people to grow more like Jesus

                          Engage in the work of Jesus”


In the spirit of Salvationism, we value:

Biblical Teaching.  The Catalyst for transformation - This includes Holy Spirit inspired preaching and Salvation Army doctrine.

 Engaging Worship.  The way to acknowledge God’s worth - This includes diversity and cultural awareness.

 Faithful Stewardship.  The norm for Christian living - This includes the generous giving of our time, money and spiritual gifts to ministry.

 Active Discipleship.  The means to grow more like Christ - This includes Adherency, Soldiership, serving in ministry and mission and participation in Small Groups. 

 Believing Prayer.  The foundation for all we do - This includes personal and corporate intercession.

 Effective Evangelism.  The reason we exist - This includes relational evangelism and evangelism as a process.

 Caring Community.  The way to show love to others - This includes congregational care, reforming society and compassion for the marginalised.

Lived out in an environment of grace and truth.