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Need Help?


The Salvos are known for helping people with the basics of life, and it's no different at Warrnambool.

Appointments for food assistance can be made between 9.30 am and 4.00 pm Monday to Thursday. Naturally, we want to help everyone, however given the large demand for our services, we must insist on you making an appointment.

In cases of extreme urgency, we may be able to help with a small hamper of food to keep you going until an appointment is available.

Housing Services (SalvoConnect)

SalvoConnect is a housing information and referral service operating under the Department of Human Services Transitional Housing Program and can provide assistance if you are:

  • Homeless;
  • At risk of becoming homeless; or
  • Living in inappropriate housing.

SalvoConnect can assist with:

  • Referrals to government and community agencies that provide a broad range of support and advice services;
  • Housing-related information on both public housing and the private rental market;
  • Support to negotiate with landlords and other agencies on housing-related matters;
  • Funds for bond and rent (not public housing) subject to availability and meeting certain criteria;
  • Short-term housing;
  • Assistance with and information regarding public housing applications.

Our Overall Aim

We will do our utmost to equip you with information and options so you can make a decision that is appropriate for your circumstances.  We will then assist you to carry out those decisions so you can speak on your own behalf.

For further details please contact SalvoConnect:
70 Henna Street
Warrnambool 3280
Telephone - 5564 9111
Fax - 5561 7196