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Social Housing Advocacy & Support Program (SHASP)

SHASP supports people in public housing properties. SHASP focuses on assisting clients in establishing and/or maintaining their tenancies.

SHASP is funded to assist:

  • Public Housing tenants establish a successful new tenancy; and
  • Public Housing tenants maintain their tenancy if at risk of breaking down.

The majority of referrals are made to SHASP by the Sunshine and Footscray DHS Offices. Other agencies such as mental health providers, Centrelink, transitional housing providers, alcohol and other drug services and other housing services can also refer to the SHASP team. Public Housing tenants are also able to self-refer.

SHASP provides support to new public housing tenants by:

  • Assisting new tenants to settle into a property after they have moved in
  • Supporting clients to orientate themselves into their new community
  • Accessing material aid, furniture and white goods where brokerage funding will allow; and
  • Creating linkages to support services.

SHASP also intervenes where a public housing tenancy is at risk of failure due to unmet support needs. SHASP assists Public Housing tenants by providing individual support in order to stabilise the tenancy.

Last financial year the SHASP team engaged with over 300 clients.