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Private Rental Brokerage Program

The Private Rental Brokerage Program (PRBP) provides access to the private rental market for people who have the capacity to maintain this housing option.

The PRBP provides a timely and accessible alternative to Transitional, Public or Community Housing.The aim of the PRBP is to instill in clients the knowledge and confidence they need to access and maintain long-term private rental accommodation within their communities.

The service model exists for single men and women, couples and families with an income sufficient to sustain private rental when the period of private rental brokerage and assistance ends.

Information sessions are conducted on a frequent basis for clients referred to the PRBP by IA&P workers and directly from Department of Human Services.

The program has established cooperative and collaborative working relationships with local Real Estate Agents and property managers.

The PRBP assists people to find and secure a home to rent in the private rental market, particularly those who are able to manage a tenancy but who are struggling to access the private rental market due to a range of barriers such as:

  • Limited rental history
  • Lack of skills, knowledge or understanding of how the private rental market works
  • Not possessing the necessary documentation for private rental application