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SYH Case Study Snapshot

Twenty year old Jason was referred to Sunshine Youth Housing (SYH) through SASHS-IAP service in early 2010 in response to a transitional housing vacancy. Jason was hesitant to take the property however, after thinking about it for a few days; he realised that another property may not become available in the future and decided to accept. Jason came to Australia in 2008 from Nigeria leaving his family of origin behind. Jason was residing with his step father but as a result of family violence he left his step father’s home.

Jason’s main support issues were his housing and budgeting skills. Jason found these issues very difficult and challenging to address. By his request Jason was referred to the SASHS financial counsellor to assist him with some debts and money management. Jason was assisted with an application for Community Housing.Jason was well connected to the community, and had a wide circle of friends. He participated in many activities such as drama and various sporting activities. Jason studied English at Victoria University and also secured causal employment.

Once Jason had addressed his other support issues and it was time to work on securing long term housing, Jason began to disengage with SYH. SYH continued to provide Jason with the opportunity to engage with the service. This included; scheduled weekly appointments around Jason’s availability, assisting him with searching for shared accommodation, going with him to look at properties and scheduled regular appointments between Jason, SYH and tenancy to discuss his tenancy, rental arrears and housing exit plan.

Jason continued to sporadically attend appointments with SYH and was not actively looking for long term housing. This resulted in the tenancy team commencing with the eviction process. It was at this point that Jason realised that the situation was serious and he began to attend appointments with SYH. With the assistance from SYH Jason secured shared accommodation. SYH also assisted Jason to establish his tenancy as well as settle into his new accommodation.