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Occasional Childcare

Hours of Operation

Open Tuesday to Friday 9.30am - 1.30pm

Our Child Care Centre licence regulations state that a child cannot be in our care for more than 15 hours a week, 5 hours per day. This restricts us to placing a child in care to a maximum of 3 days per week.

Contact: 5329 1110



  • Pre school aged children of SalvoConnect Western service users
  • Pre school aged children of parents enrolled in Ballarat North Neighbourhood House classes or groups
  • Pre school aged children of parent/s who are referred by other HSS agencies and services (when vacancies exist)
  • Pre school aged children of parent/s with a concession card (pension or health care) who are referred by other agencies and services (when vacancies exist)


  • Our programme provides children with experiences and activities that will encourage use of imagination and develop physical, language and social skills.
  • We offer a range of experiences such as painting, pasting, playing withplay-dough, sand, water, using puzzles, blocks, dressing-up, playingwith action toys such as balls, riding bikes and other ride-on toys.
  • The Childcare room is a messy clothes area. Children love messy things like play-dough, paint and water. It is encouraged that children are dressed in clothing that can get dirty, and a spare set of clothing be provided.
  • Equipment is provided that is suitable to the child’s age and development.
  • Each child attending childcare on a regular basis can have an individual care plan. Discuss this with the Child Care Co-ordinator


  • We will provide a friendly environment in which children feel safe, valued, respected and happy
  • We will provide a stimulating environment in which children can play in ways that encourage their development
  • We will respond to the individual needs and interests of each child
  • We will maintain high standards of health and safely in the Centre
  • We will encourage confidence, self-esteem and a sense of responsibility and co-operation in each child
  • We believe parents have an important contribution to make to our Centre and value their suggestions and involvement
  • We value staff with a commitment to children, who offer a range of qualifications and experience